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LLG Agency

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LLG Agency

is the first global wedding agency that specializes in generating wedding revenue.

Our teams combine event management, business development, data analytics, experiential event marketing, and public relations into one agency with one niche specialty: luxury weddings.

We pioneered industry leading criteria and global accredited standards for event management, wedding marketing, wedding PR and wedding analytics.




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LLG Agency Teams


Event Management

We have been recognized worldwide for defining universal event criteria and event management standards.

Business development

We specialize in identifying, developing and implementing long term sustainable strategies for driving wedding driven revenue.

data analytics

We analyze open source and proprietary data sources as a means of deriving valuable insights.


Experiential event marketing

We develop your wedding brand identity and marketing strategies by extracting content from real weddings in order to establish a digital wedding presence and drive sales leads.

public relations

We pioneered and executed the first global wedding PR strategies and implemented the first set of wedding media standards across 5 continents.

We are teams of perfectionists who go above and beyond to deliver the ultimate event experience
— Lauren Grech | CEO, LLG Agency